Dream Space

everything that you see from the buildings to the cars was once just a dream, image… idea,  in somebody’s mind…

what is space? an enclosion of material designed to shelter? enhabit? or confine? or is it an open free mass available to us to fill with comforts to give it purpose? I believe a space is a function untill we give it life, and the most exiting thing for me about my journey as a designer is one day being able to produce my own dream spaces.

Dreams… we all have them, some soft light and sensitive, some dark lucid and heavy, but non the less thought provoking all the same, I often wonder what my dreams mean, an insight to my subconscious is a beautiful mystery that I love unraveling, so having dream space as a task title really takes my interests.1F07CAF6-9D53-2099-1112103A23372D43


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