Dream Space Production

Following my previous starter post to dream space, this is an inside post to the thoughts and processes we came across.

We begun by trying to think of particular dreams we could remember but non of much significance appeared, so a spider diagram helped us to brainstorm ideas. Nightmares, transitions into dreams, vivid and soft dreams, changing dreams, etc.

we liked the ideas of a transition into dreams, and we found inspiration from small pencil a sharpening as we liked the curves and twirls they made among their selves, and we compared this to the tightening of  a nightmarish dream.





Sample isnpired by pencil shavings

Sample inspired by pencil shavings


From fluid rounded shavings we analysed the fragments and thought of fragmented imagery like fragments of dreams like the jarred edges of the shavings. During this point of the design processes we all had quite different ideas that we had, so as a team we decided to take home our ideas and bring some design sketches into our next meet up.

One of our team members had drawn a lovely sketch for the dream idea and we chose this one because it displayed a nice transition from a soft dream into a sharp more abrupt dream state. This idea evoked an idea to use triangular  shapes to almost forebode the danger within a nightmare.

we originally wanted a spiraling inwards space that progressed tighter as it developed, the original curved design was pointing upwards with a wide-spread out width to demonstrate the dreams almost projecting out of the sleepers head. However, when coming to glue down this design onto a board, we also enjoyed the aesthetics of the shape upside down, it was enclosed, claustrophobic almost and left us back to a design stage.

We discussed ideas of using mirrors, bbq sticks to section off areas, we pondered the ideas of holes and lights and eventually experimented with cutting randomly placed irregular triangular shapes into one of our sample maquettes, but we felt this devalued the quality of the piece. Our team discussed the idea of using 3D pyramids to attach onto the sample instead, to evoke and ride against the smooth quality surface of the design we had.


We enjoyed the idea behind the pyramids and felt they showed feelings of discomfort and within the progressing in height spiral, showed a transition from a calm pure dream, to a sharp distressing point of which if was a real design space would be extremely terrifying.  The simplicity of our design left us stumped for progression, as we did not want to over power it and lose its quality, but we were left feeling a little unrepresented in terms of finishes.

Over all, our drawing and sculpture juxtaposed nicely. with both a sharp and smooth quality that emphasizes our idea of transition. However, I believe for the next group projects I aim to set my personal bar higher and ensure I really aim to think outside and deeper within the box of design, but further more, I am pleased with our simple yet effective representation of a dream space.

Both our finished maquette and trial piece

Both our finished maquette and trial piece


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