Map Making with Eve

Think about your idea of a perfect community..

My perfect community.. would be the basis for peace within the mind. a place open to space and nature surrounding, a true haven that would be designed for feeling good, positive and calm. My perfect community would be surrounded with tree’s and lagoons, almost like a Caribbean holiday, warm, sunny and vibrant.

The task for today was to get into a group of 4 and design a sheet full of our own ideas for a perfect community. Our team were as equally nature inspired as we drew ourselves on a sunny island with mountainous views in the distance, some of us drew tree houses and plenty of pools with great social/ seasonal places to commute.

The task then progressed into finding a space outdoors then to map it. we found a modernly grimy place to map, derelict and on the path of demolition, but it had its own character about it non the less..

12092411_10207863517083783_1990387359_n We loved the ‘graff’ plastered over the lost character of the building, we mapped out the place and then thought about what it might look like from viewpoints of the windows, we thought a little outside of the box for this task and went further than just mapping out the place, we redesigned the place into what we thought would be a useful more vibrant and populated use of space, such as a cultural outdoor seated restaurant area, full of various food styles, almost a feature buffet complete with lights and decorative tend like roofing. we also considered a small multipurpose stage, a little out there in terms of being realistic, but sometimes being unrealistic sparks great imaginative designs.



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