Health and Safety Lecture

H-SHealth and safety, something we all think is bog standard, but its essential and more importantly crucial to know, so that we don’t enter the workshop fully functioning…. and leave sadly, with half an arm and a one way ticket to the hospital.

So here’s some of the basics, footwear is rather obvious. The workshop is not a night on the lash, to high heels are sadly a no no although we all love abit’ of loui viton to kick start the day. Dolly Shoes offer no protection, in any walk of life… trainers and solid structures shoes are the most sensible and practical.

Hair, although as stylish as it may be, needs tying up away from any machines. 1) so it doesn’t get sucked into the machine, 2) so it doesn’t obscure your vision 3) so you cant ”whip your hair back and forth.”

Water is to be contained in screw-top bottle, to avoid accidental spillage, ruining yours and others work, and just causing a general mess..

Obstruction.. this can come in many forms. such as bags left unattended on the floor, wires hanging freely, equipment left out whilst being finished with.

The tool causing most accidents you would assume would be the larger more capable machines, but in actual facts most accidents occur from a small but nifty piece of equipment, a craft/Stanley knife. a very sharp and capable blade that is used often and is left unattended often. meaning that small but sever injuries like cutting the pads of your fingers off is one of your biggest threats.


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