Drawing with Brian – Enhancing random linear marks to a creative standard

In today’s lesson with Brian, we looked into two point perspectives and drawing without the useful tools of our eyes.

In this session he was discussing communication techniques through drawing. He was using different mediums such as soft graphite and pencils to produce his immediate sketches but then adding on top with a darker fine liner the edges of the sketch that ” if a spider was to crawl around the image, at which points would it disappear..” and on these edges he would add a thick black mark, which would define the image.



I found this technique did look good and work well in defining the objects, another depth to add to he sketches was layers of kuricolour. With kuricolour you can add make and create depths of colours by layering one or more of the same of different colours on top of one another. I was unfortunately unable to experiment with these pens until my loan comes in and I can perches some of my own.  The next task was to within a small group all make 4 marks on our a3 paper, be it linear or ovular or even a shape, once we completed this the next step was to do and add the same principle to our neighbours pieces untill we eventually ended up back at our own piece. The task then was to take the page home and to make with it what you will. I liked mine being quite a textures abstraction so i filled in my shapes with layers of colours lines dots and squiggle, as I enjoyed the expression that was needed when working with this piece. Although I enjoyed this task, i am keen to get experimenting with the kuricolour.12283310_10208112500228206_488409446_n

I was inspired by Kandinsky on this piece, using linear shapes and marks to create a random oasis of shape colour and form.


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