Workshop Training

Training to use the workshop is essential for our productivity on the interior design course. I hadn’t actually realised how many different variety of materials I could manipulate in so many different ways.
training last week we focused on wood work. we all practiced and followed health and safety procedure to use machinery such as the drills, sanding machines, jig saw, vac forming, hand drills and more.

Health and safety for the metal sanding machnines

Health and safety for the metal sanding machines

Todays workshop introduction we worked on metal work firstly, using metal Sanders and pillar drills, all of the standard health and safety rules apply for all aspects of the workshop, so we all insured we had our hair tied back, loose bangles removed or taped down, and general sensible clothing and shoes. Having a go on the metal drills and Sanders, my immediate thought was it was a lot tougher than I thought, as metal is such a strong dense material, it takes a lot if patience and a strong hold to get a nice clean finish.


working with the plastic forming, we used a vac-form, this was probably the most interesting piece of equipment we worked with today. I was fascinated by the way you can vacuum pretty much anything. Although there are some do’s and don’ts such as don’t make your piece wider at the top as the vacuumed plastic around the object wont be able to be freed so a minimum of 5 degree’s inwards is recommended, this also reduces friction when trying to release your work.

I feel more confident with a lot of the machinery in the workshop now. I am eager to get creating and crafting int there as there’s such a huge variety of things we can manipulate down there..


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