Brains Workshop : Figures

Following up from last weeks session with Brian of drawing interior sketches and applying texture colour and style through Kurecolour, our homework was to go home and generate an image of people, using a cross hatch style.

This is my cross hatch style of Jimmy Hendrix in a undiluted water colour pencil, for a subtle effect.

This is my cross hatch style of Jimmy Hendrix in a undiluted water colour pencil, for a subtle effect.

I enjoyed the style of this image and chose to reproduce it, I outlines softly in pencil, then added soft strokes of water colour pencil for shape and tone, and finally added a cross hatch in pen to give some shadow, density and form. I feel pleased with the result of this piece, as I feel I’ve been able to capture the low view point perspective, which gives him a glorified stance.

Moreover, for this lesson we were developing our skills in figure drawing. We broke down the figure into a series of circles and lines, to gain a distinctively proportioned version of a human.

A series of figures from a variety of angles.

A series of figures from a variety of angles.

We firstly drew the average adult male, of a proportion of about 7 heads in total length, The legs are slightly longer than the torso and the arms hang lower than the hips. It is these distinctive proportions that distinguish an adult from a child. A child’s head is somewhat larger than the rest of its proportion to its body, its shoulders are much narrower, and more boxlike in overall shape.

A difficult perspective for me was a 30º/30º (from parallel ) angel. This was challenging to keep the body still in proportion at a 3 dimensional angle, and I found my body was leaning slightly forward so I continued to practice my weaker sketches.

furthermore, producing sketches of figures in motion was also a challenge, I learned that the faster the figure is traveling e.i running, the more of an axis the general body is leaning at, so you can see from my image that the running man is roughly at a 45º angle to the parallel, and a brisk walk around a 20º from the vertical.

The homework for this lesson was to practice drawing figures with a high level of detailing at the forefront of the image, down scaling into a lesser value of in formation towards the very distant background.


When it comes to practice sketching I proffer to work lightly with my pencil to avoid destroying the paper, and it also makes it easier for me to correct my mistakes. This unfortunately leaves the image begin photographed to look a little to light for detailing.

The other small task was to take silhouettes and to add some linear information to them, one of which needed to be colored in kurecolour and the other in another choice of medium. I’m currently finding working with kurecolour tricky, as I need to practice which colours work well together and which don’t. Kurcolour is very unforgiving medium to work with and you can often find small mistakes come at a greater price.


The silhouettes had very little detailing information so i was left to my own imagination when adding value to the silhouettes. Iv found I need to work on my people drawing skills, especially in the portraits, and this is something I will practice in my own time.



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