Ollie Cunningham – Guest Speaker Lecture

Ollie works for a company called DRMN based in London for architecture. The company has been running for over 10 years or so and has been very successful when it comes to architectural productions. Their manifesto is ‘Off the shelf, beyond the shelf’ and they produce useful architecture that is a critique  and expression of social and cultural production.

They started the company in 1995 and they have been tuning spaces into more sociable areas. Turning claustrophobic work places with individual and probably unproductive offices into a fulfilled social space where people can flow and interact with one another.

They pride themselves on their procceses, before they produce anything they work with the manufacturing companies for long periods of time experimenting with the materials to see just what they can achieve. An important factor about being a good designer is knowledge of materials, It is essential to understand the limitations of a material., to truly be able to produce a good design. Spending time with the producers of the material means they have a chance to experiment with what the components of a material can do.

This beautiful rainbow brick colour scheme is exciting fresh and perfectly suitable learning environment for learning children.

This beautiful rainbow brick colour scheme is exciting fresh and perfectly suitable learning environment for learning children.

Chatsworth Elementary school needed a refurbishment. The drab building that once was lacked prosperity and energy. The team at dRMM architects stripped down the building of its aged drab look and revitalised it into a emerging perspective of colour and fragrance. They took inspiration from the surrounding architecture, as it is important that the new design both worked well with the surrounding visuals, without causing too much chaos.  The sophisticated framework was designed so that certain panels of the interior and exterior could hold interaction for opening, closing etc., It is within great design that function form and beauty come hand in hand.

The Tower of Love Blackpool

Which was first known as the festival house is a beautifully placed chapel on the coast of Blackpool, a well visited tourist attraction that can hold the fame that this building required. On looking all major viewpoints of the location this chapel is visually perfect for a ceremony, along as British weather holds up…


Cermony taking place with a magnificent atmosphere and view

You can see from this image a ceremony taking place, the warming timber wood inside gives a homely experience, it is simplistic and bare like the true oath behind marriage that is simple and beautiful. The silhouette of the tower through the screen window is an example of good design, making the most of surroundings and not just exterior, as in Einstein’s theory of relativity, everything balances one another and corresponds to everything.

Using cross contaminated timber is a little like plywood on steroids, it comes in huge sheets that usually comes pre-cut to simply just slot into place. This is a quick alternative to concrete and brick which will take much longer to be structurally sound. This material is also beautiful left untouched, unpainted and bare, I love seeing raw materials within a space, it brings the life back into a construction, a natural element that is a beautiful gift from the earth to us.


The shiny gold exterior creates an precious feel, the building from the exterior view is intriguing and eye catching.

The Sliding House

This is by far the most impressive design I have came across from dRMM architectures, this magnificent barn reconstruction has been completely re-transformed into a wonderful space that to me, is almost like a bog fancy toy. The whole malleability of the experience is innovative  and complex in design but simple in terms of idea.


This huge shell so to speak ways over 50 tonnes and is made from timber, the construction slides across the surface of the inner house using hidden electric motors covering the whole 25meter spectrum.


The top half of the house is essentially a green house, all glass from head to toe this oculus is both perfect for summer weather and a gaze over the starry night.

mattdollings (2009) Wallpaper* ‘sliding house’. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxmvRDTELy8&feature=youtu.be (Accessed: 16 November 2015).



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