Steve’s Seminar : Plan Oblique and Isometric drawing.

Todays session consisted on further progressio into plan drawings. Today we looked at Plan oblique and Isometric. both are angled 3dimentional viewpoints of an inteior but from diffrerent perspectives and dregrees in angles.

Plan oblique drawings usually consist of 45º with all verticle lines being straight up. This angle is a little distorted for me, but the purpose of it is to alow to the viewer to see more of an insiders perspective of the room.

Isometric Plans are created at a 30-30º this is a more laid back angle of persective which gives a better view of hight.

These are my concept discovery sketches.

These are my concept discovery sketches.

Here you can see we started off by freehand sketching a circle of 10cm, Then we drew a square of roughly the same diameters. We split the square up into 8 sections using 4 lines and divided each line into three sections. Within these lines we were able to produce a pretty accurate circle. Moving on we drew the square ad lines in perspective and this enabled us to create a circle in a plan oblique view, which is what we did. This way of conducting circles really works if accuracy is key.

Isometric and Plan oblique views.

Isometric and Plan oblique views.

Working with set squares I sketched out the plan view on the sheet at a scale of 1:50, and progressed to work on 30 and 45 degree angles. I found this task quite straight forward with a few minor errors of the lines not being perfectly vertical, this was because I practiced being more free hand (without a set square) in the hopes of becoming more naturally accurate.

I drew both plans in two different orientations to get a feel for visualizing mentally, the initial task was to use the plan as a base to retrace from, but I felt more of the challenge from not doing so and producing the sketch numerous times. I felt that pushed my abilities slightly.

The homework task for this session is to create our own plan oblique view of a room in our accomadation


Here is a copy of my plan room drawing that I converted into a plan isometric view. Working from a 45degree angle using a set square I was able to correctly proportion the objects within the room with a 3 dimensional quality to them that gives a much better spatial awareness of the layout. I was unsure of how a walk in wardrobe would have been described in this view so I have left a space to add to in the future when we learn such things.


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