Eves Seminar; What is good design

Good design..Can be, simplistic, beautiful, functional, and easy to understand. The term good design comes in many forms and can be interportated in many ways by the individual, especially when it comes to aesthetics. William Morris was a notable lecturer during the 1800’s he spoke for many years about design and what made it ‘good.’ He believes that design needed to be easy on the eye and easy on the mind, simple and beautiful, and like most things in this earth, he discussed how this changes over the years, and how different importance’s influenced design.

He spoke about function and efficiency as he discussed the production of the AK-47 and how this widely used assault rifle was not fit for purpose. It was designed so soldiers could carry more bullets as the bullets were smaller this made it more efficient in terms of ammunition. However, the machine was also prone to jamming which meant that if it could not serve its purpose and arm and occupy a soldier in battle then it cannot be classed as a good design.

He spoke about over complex designs, and how if they are not easy ti operate they arn’t useful in practice, take over complex mobile phones for instance, they come with all sorts of gadgets and apps and in order to be functional the holder must first learn how to operate the device, and even then it is a challenge to successfully navigate efficiently. Although the phones may look simple and beautiful, it is a whole new vortex inside of complex coding.

One example of good design in his eyes although it may not fit all aspects of purpose, but to my opinion it does. Is google logo’s its ameaturish style is seen as infentile and unsophisticated but I see a lack of intimidation. If google for instance ( the largest and most profited search engine in the world) were to amplify their superiority with their use of branding logo, I feel this would represent them as a intimidation industry, but instead they try and keep it simple and fresh. Almost like a helpful Google that is learner friendly. He speaks about good design about how google knowledge events with their google logo, and I totally agree, I feel it simplistically shows off googles knowledge but in a modest way. Being in the creative industry myself I can appreciate this and good design, it stops the company being too much of a business and more of an information gift from them to us.


The next task was to make notes on a new criteria for the EMB building. Looking around the building we were asked to look into the function and design, both good and bad.

Exterior –

  • Traditional building, with spacious entrance. This was also equipped for disabled access and ramps which help the flow of movement into a building.
  • Windows are shallow and long, leaving the interior to be lit with electronic lighting, which is neither good for the environment or electricity.

Interior – Enteraces – Furnature – Signage

  • Window panels on the doors to allow people to see other people entering the room, this avoids obstruction and incident.12242254_10208097956544623_1436809982_n.jpg
  • Door hinges which slow the slamming speed of the door, lessening noise pollution and avoiding injury.12272790_10208097956304617_1209125271_n.jpg
  • Motion sensitive lighting, which cuts bills and helps the environment.
  • open viewpoint of the cafe which makes the viewer feel welcomes and more comfortable in the space, which will unconscious boost the comfort of the buyer.
  • lift fixtures that reflect light rather than it directly shining in your eyes, makes for a more comfortable experience.12248701_10208097956664626_2065056436_n
  • Translucent imagery on glass walls to allow both privacy and an inviting perspective into the spacious room.
  • Colour theme is consistent throughout the building, helps loose a seance of confusion and aids focus.
  • Mirrors in the lift help to create more space where there isn’t any which will dampen the feelings of claustrophobia.
  • Signs are a large print and clearly coloured with the theme colour and are appropriate to eye level which is essential in a building.








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