Seminar: Models

Today’s seminar was all about constructing models. It is important as designers to not only sketch our ideas but to create mini to scale versions so it is desirable and easy to understand for clients. Working with certain materials takes knowledge so we were constantly developing our understanding of the correct and different variety of techniques to create certain items in the interior.

To create the walls, we used white foam board. Easy to cut with a scalpel, but if the blade is blunt it will leave an unappealing edge to the foam inside and loose its quality of finish. We were taught about the importance of changing the blade..safely might I add, and to allow the blade to do the cutting rather than your force, which will again only tear the foam.


Instead of gluing the foam boar over lapping I decided to challenge myself and make the seam neater. By cutting diagonals from the edges I was able to create two angles that fitted together inwards to create 90degrees and on outer angle of 270 degrees.

I also discovered when cutting the door hole scoring across the back allowed me to create a hinge to open the door forwards, although fragile, it worked well.

12270167_10208104821716248_948150584_n (1)

The stairs were the most challenging aspect of the design. Especially the dissected ones. Cutting steps of 200mm @ 1:50 and individually gluing them together was a fiddly task. I kept my patience with it and got a crisp clean outcome. Another way of producing stairs is to cut the desired width and length size and to then score on opposing sides to create a bending size zigzag shape, it is important to make the face of the step longer than the height so it is realistic and easy for people to walk down.


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