Seminar: Plan drawings

Plans are flat 2 dimensional sketches from an elevated perspective to describe the specific placement and spatial surroundings of a building or any exterior or interior area.

Plans offer little visual, textural or dimensional information and posses only the groundwork for where everything would go. When producing these it is key essential to work to correct measurements otherwise when coming into construction the plan will not become accurate. Using a scale ruler helps us to keep to the scale an also to work out the scale according to the size we want to convey. For instance to scale down a mansion we may need to use a scaling of 1:1000 this would make every measurements 1000 times smaller. As apposed to 1:1 which would be a double of the actual sizing, which would be useful if drawing something small like an ornament.

The initial task was to produce a plan layout of a room, the room had already been drawn so we could see how the outcome was expected to look, but some of the measurements were missing which left us to figure out some of the remaining measurements for ourselves, this is good training for drawing scales in the future.


For the homework task we were asked to produce a scale drawing of our room in plan elevation. My room was 365cm by 232cm. I measured the insides of the walls and placed them accordingly from one another. I have spotted some mistakes in this drawing that I did not previously notice. One being I have not left a partisan between the walls where the door hole should be, but other than that I am pleased with this plan. A tricky part to project was the walk in wardrobe, as we hadn’t learnt this in the seminars I went off my own initiative and don’t feel I went too far wrong.

I measured the room with my tape measure and tried to produce the drawing as accurate as possible. I enjoyed producing the sketch and learnt about keeping my note measurements neat and clear to help when producing the real one. One of the challenges I found when producing this sketch was how to draw the walk in wardrobe. I had to include the wall measurements and this confused the other measurements slightly, but things going wrong sometimes helps me to learn and I feel I have ended up with an accurate representation of my room.

Understanding Scale The Ruler

1:200 = 1cm on the drawing represents 2000mm, 200cm (2m) in real life

1:100 = 1cm on the drawing represents 1000mm, 100cm (1m) in real life

1:50 = 1cm on the drawing represents 500mm, 50cm in real life

1:20 = 1cm on the drawing represents 200mm, 20cm in real life

1:1 = 1cm on the drawing represents 10mm, 1cm in real life

Plan scales show everything from layout, configuration and lighting specifications. When producing a plan it is important to understand an convey clearly the graphic symbols needed to interperate fixtures in the room.


For instance windows are depicted by drawing a to scale oblong in the wall fixture and to add another line through the center. This would not be obvious unless you understood the graphic icons. This graph helps me to understand the important features needed to correctly describe a room.



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