Brians drawing session; Tapestry

The post office is soon to be our creative shell for us to fill with our design ambiance, and to get us excited we have been asked to create a huge tapestry of the building, in our medium of choice.


With my options being left to my desire, I chose to work with paint. I love the colours and variety of textures that can be achieved with paint and I chose the colour blue so it would stand out amungst the other pieces but not too much so that it was left as an eye sore.

I firstly begun painting with wet brush technique to get some coverage over the page. I started with a cobalt blue as a baseline to add hue and tone to.  I continued to add colour to my piece using dry brush application as I wanted a rough look but also wanted to keep the precision.

Half way through painting the tapestry I was left with a large space that needed filling in. I wasn’t sure if my painting skills were higher quality enough to hand paint some brick work, nor was I sure I had the time to complete it to a personal standard. So I took a unpracticed risk of scraping blobs of cobalt, white and marine blue 12242307_10208097956184614_742798976_ndown the space and then covered with brick like oblongs of masking tape. The masking tape would seal in the design underneath,adding a new complex layer that would reveal a brick like quality in the quickest most effective way.

After, I scraped a layer or two of white on top to lighten the space between the brickwork and make the brick shape more prominent. As I hadn’t tested this I was unsure of the result and after pealing of the squares off I found hat the design was not too obvious. To correct this I added marine blue sections around the corners and edged of the bricks to define them further and this worked beautifully.

The two opposing sections of flat and texture create a nice juxtaposition in the piece that I am very proud of. When finalizing the piece I ensured my lighting came from the top left hand side as we were instructed, and adding shadow areas with gray kurcolour pen, added further depth to the imagery, and feel that the completed outcome is a ice glimmer of my personality to be added to the Tapestry.



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