Kelham Island Field Trip

As our first group trip I was extremely exciting to get into the interior design experience. The trip helped me to get to know people in the group and to explore a new way of thinking. We walked down to Kelham Island, it is known for its steel productions, and that is why Sheffield is called steel city, for all the fine quality metal work produced here. It was opened in 1982 to display the history, relics, archive and suave-nears.

12243824_10208112930398960_1922949948_n (1)

Wandering around the ‘Island’we were asked to make notes of our personal senses, what we see, feel touch, hear. This whole new way of thinking captivated me and excited me to learn more. The noises I found were, diverse ticking, rotation, rattling, hard noises, sewing machines and echo’s. The smells I discovered were oil and filing.

I interestingly found out how a generator works, and although somewhat irrelevant I found it interesting to know exactly how it works, I found the design fantastic, to see and wonder how other peoples minds work in order to create such a machine. 12277182_10208112930678967_843255107_n.jpg

Our next mini task was to describe our visuals through drawings, so I decided to draw some metal works and rotating belts around me. You can gain a sense of texture through my line weight and form. Also I did some rubbings of the brick work inside although too small to recognize any brick detailing, still demonstrates texture.12243803_10208112930598965_2062638635_n

We also saw the oldest functioning steam engine in Britain, and what an experience that was, its sheer size and scale was extremely intimidating, and once the conductor pulled full steam ahead the noise, force and atmosphere was overwhelming with sheer power.


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