What is Archive?

Today we discusses Archive, we are asked to produce a blog as a form of our own Archive. The Archive will be our blog as being to collect and document our interests ad our time on the interior design course. Our year will be divided into three moduals; Id Space, Id Place & Id People. I will divide my blog into understandable sections and categories, this will help me in the future if I need to return to previous influences. I will make notes on lectures and source my own information on what excites me, and document seminars workshops and all of my productions to clearly demonstrate my ‘story’ of education.

When adding imagery to my blog I will take into consideration angles of which I am taking. I.e is the image straight and clear? I will also annotate what I did in order to achieve my pieces, and document as much as I can as a from of evidence that I have completed the work.

TO make my blog more exiting, I will add hyperlinks to webpages to relevant information or videos that I feel correspond to my information, this is also an effective way to reference using Harvard style referencing to avoid plagiarism and false information.


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