Reading – The development of the Interior.

Culture is the foundation for the history of design, dating back to ancient times to current sophistication in design furniture architecture and furnishings have been used allover the world in all different civilizations


Although history is a partial account informed
by a particular cultural emphasis, it is also heart
and memory; and the drawing upon memory
is the basis of most design decisions.

During the 19th century ther was a influx in the redistribution of money to civillians, meaning that their overall spending increased, but not only was there a change in weath there was a change in the products that people were buying, which in turn transformed their choice for living spaces and their living conditions improved.

Before the development of interior designers in a professional sense int he late 19th century, people would use retailers or upholsters to find out contemporary information and designs on interior furnishings. In some cases people would employ an architect which would be limited or read through writings and readings based on the journals holding this kind of information.

The employment of an archi
tect (In limited cases), a retailer or upholsterer,
or the perusal of contemporary journals and
writings, were the main ways by which people
could develop their interiors until the advance of
professional interior decorators/ designers in the
late nineteenth century.




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