Fabrics and Samples

skai Tundra

Manufactured by:  Hornschuch

Architectonic ID: 1334266
sk-tundra-f6461273-bDesign: Tundra

Width: 137cm

Length:30 m

Thickness: 1.0 +/- 0.2mm

High Quality material, with fine calf leather grain and subdued matte-gloss effect. This piece comes in a spectrum of trend orientated colours that can be combined together to enhance an interior.

Suitable for all kinds of upholstery (soft coverings added to hard material furniture to aid the comfort)  and covers. This would be especially useful for couches mostly for the medical area.

This 90% PVC- and 10% Co-knitted compound/fabric is resistant to disinfectants, this is suitable for its medical industry, with strict regulations for antibacterial cleaning needed, it is important that the fabric is easy to clean and abrasion resistant to the chemicals.  Secondly the fabric is lightfast, so that excessive amounts of artificial and natural light will not change the colour of the material, suitable for 24-7 lighting in hospitals.


Manufactured by: Rohi

Architonic Id: 1314868



Content :  95 % virgin wool, 5 % polyamide

Width: 140cm

Weight: 660 g/m² – 920 g/lm

Dante is a fabric that is full of texturaly striking character. Its relief like natural appearance is created using structured yarns, creating a matt-gloss affect.

This fabric is easy to care for and highly durable. Mostly suitable for both residential and commercial sectors. Dante also comes with flame resistance and acoustic absorbing qualities.

Dante comes in a total of 24 colours, varying in dynamic colour combinations and soft natural tones.

Abrasion resistance: 52.000 rubs DIN EN ISO 12947-2

Flame resistance:
FAR 25.853 (12 sec. vertical)
CAL TB 117 – 2013
DIN 4102-1 B2
EN 13501-1
BS 5852:2006 (part1)
BS 5852:2006 (part2) Crib5
Colour fastness to light: min. 5-8 EN ISO 105-B02
Pilling: min. 4-5 EN ISO 12945-2
Acoustic: Rs=921 Pa s/m DIN EN 29053 flow resistivity
Ecology: RAL-UZ 117 Attachment 2+3

anti-shrink / anti-pilling / yarn dyed


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