The English language is like London: proudly barbaric yet deeply civilised, too, common yet royal, vulgar yet processional, sacred yet profane. -Stephen Fry

London, is the worlds most visited city, its energetic vibe lives up to expectations and has many things to offer. The trip down their was exciting, taking in the distance as one big panoramic through the train window, is a beautiful way to start a trip. Arriving in London immediately filled you with an outburst of enthusiasm, the rush of people, the unfamiliarity, the intrigue about where to next…

Arriving at the hotel and we were straight back out again, to the tube now, famous for its major confusion and cramped style, and not only did me Danni and Lina miss our first train but had to reconfigure ourselves to an unknown destination… two trains later and some of Danni’s excellent directional skills we arrived to our destination, the trip continued with this theme throughout, thank god we had danni!

  1. Roca London Gallery

The Roca London Gallery was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The space is visually exciting and contemporary. Its sleek white curvaceous  environment gives a clear example of the quality of produce inside. This global bathroom brand demonstrates how, innovation, sustainability and well being prevail and how these values have been used to inspire the products and the space around it.


Each twist and turn within the Roca show room was a futuristic experience. Each element swooped and danced between one another to create harmony and guidance throughout.

Box Park

Box park is a conjunction of containers situated in a stack to create a community of retail on the ground level, and a vibrant cluster of food venues upstairs. Visiting box park gave me a clear sense of perspective for the place and helped me to understand how access works in such a small space. I learned that things needed to be compact but also easy to access.





Camden was such an exciting place to visit, it was full of energy colour and intrigue which kept me entertained for hours. I found many pockets of inspiration here for my project.




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