Design Process

Building – Structure – educational structure – values – community – adapting – honor – real life experiences – adaptation – maturity – discussion –

what already exists – formation – cluster – low ceilings – ( when was the building built, what style of build is this, and how is it structurally made up )

how to find out whats in a wall, st

Concepts and thoughts

being as interested in psychology as i am, i have great understanding on how emotions control every aspect of our lives, the decisions you make everyday are based on how you are feeling in that moment. The amount of factors that contribute into how we are feeling are astonishing. However, these emotions that are influenced not just by our surroundings but by people, colours objects and in none more so than people with special needs such as the client brief we are designing for which is a range of autistic adults.

when arriving on site the thing that made me feel most uncomfortable was how dark, confined the corredores and entrances were, I felt minourly chlostrobophic and my mentally took a plummet upon first impressions, although I was able to deal and move on from these emotions, it begs the question of  how can this be affecting someones mind who is 10x more receptive to certain stimulus?

my concept is accessibility and mental space. I have a belief that our mind (due to its enormous processing power) actually believes it has more space than it requires which is in the skull, but in fact requires mental space, which collaborates with visual space. In other terms the brain feels more relaxed and open when outside where the air is clear and the sky is limitless. However place yourself under a low set ceiling and you may start to feel uncomfortable. My idea to battle this is to gradually ease the mind into smaller mental spaces. From the open skies of the outdoors, to a high roof entrance and reception area, that can then lower to standard ceiling heights. This easing into, I believe will prove to be effective in helping morning moods of the pupils which may be erratic.

looking at artist bernard tschumi i looked into filma nd photography and found black and white pictures – then wondered if i could transform the photos into linear representations and then convert them to linear and flatten them together with low oppacity on cad softwhere. i wondered if i converted these into wall decorations what would be too destracting for autisticly visually impared people so i googled autistic eye and found this website ,———— which lead me to this image———- to create this———

out come images

what am i using them for

Developing my outline ideas – working to scale and consider rough adjacencies

then consider the practical considerations   and issues identified

personal project

designing rooms for break out calm room, using strips of colour to lead them to different zones to calm down etc keeping the theme of


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